Thanksgiving by iPhone(s)

I didn't take out my DSLR once over Thanksgiving, and it felt great. Behr on the other hand, did not. Behr ran a fever Tuesday-Saturday and we pretty much laid low between family in Pennsylvania and Maryland. I am so grateful this kid can laugh and smile through being miserable, it makes the mornings after sleepless nights a thousand times more tolerable. I am also grateful for my sisters who seem to have endless energy and allow me to take a bit of a break whenever we visit - even if it was just for one night!

How was your Thanksgiving?

p.s. Behr's uncles had a blast with Behr too!


  1. First, you're beautiful. You're killing me here, smalls. Second, Behr is my favorite little person ever, but don't tell me nieces that. His face just mushes my heart.

  2. looks like behr's green vest is becoming a wardrobe staple. too cute!



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