Deck the Halls!

We tried a new approach to Christmas decorating this year. We broke out the music and tinsel and bells, before we ate our Thanksgiving turkey. Only to realize there wasn't much to decorate until we purchased our tree and garland. But we had fun rocking the Christmas music all weekend long anyway!

We have amassed a collection of ornaments from years of Christmas together and places we have traveled, but if I was starting fresh, these would be some that I would consider.

Star Tree Topper // Lobster // Sequin Ornaments // Gnome // Trio of Penguins // Glittered Dove // Mercury Glass (six) // Ship // Hedgehog // First Christmas Mouse // Zeolite // Whale // Bird and Feeder // Moose

How did you acquire your collection of ornaments? 

Were they handed down to you?

Collected by your parents or given as gifts?

Mementos from your travels?

As a child, my family attended a Christmas party with a parting gift of an ornament for each guest. They were beautifully painted wood nutcrackers, snowmen and sleighs. Each year there was a different assortment to choose from. I remember loving this tradition and hoping someday to do something similar. However I don't throw a huge annual Christmas party, and never appreciated the great cost of this tradition. Instead, perhaps I will give my sons an ornament each year, for their own collection to someday take with them to their own homes. Thankfully I have plenty of time to think about it!

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  1. I got married a week before Thanksgiving so I used a Tai Pan gift card to get all of my Christmas ornaments (I already had a tree, but my roommate had taken the ornaments in the arrangement). We used those for three Christmases but this year I fell in love with what IKEA was doing and got all new ones! I want to be the mom that has a kid friendly tree, but I just love creating a themed tree. I guess I'll just have to do the whole two tree thing when Olivia gets older. . .

    1. I love that you are thinking about a kid-friendly tree. It hadn't occurred to me until last night I had a dream that Behr sent the whole thing shattering to the ground!

      Do I keep my precious ornaments tucked away? My parents always put everything out.

      Do I follow him like a hawk and keep him from touching?

      How do I teach him balance?! (how do I balance?)

  2. Most of our ornaments were given to us by family. My mom decided when Craig and I moved in together that our Christmas tree should be Hanukkah-themed, so we have all blue and white ornaments. I wish I were kidding about this.

  3. I love the whimsical, woodland theme! That's so great with a little one. As for questions about keeping the tree kid-friendly, well we had cats growing up, and they were constantly scaling the heights of our little spruce. One thing we did was to secure the tree to the wall with some fishing line.



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