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Leading up to Influence, several thoughts were running through my mind. My brain wanted to attend strategy sessions, but I was fearful that my heart needed life sessions. As an extrovert, I am great at meeting people, less strong in building relationships. I was fearful of giving people the wrong impression, of them misinterpreting me. I was worried, preoccupied with me, me, and me.

And then this happened:

The ladies, in the order of appearance from left to right: Melody // Lena // Jami // Blair // (I am missing some of the pixie #teamawesome) // Raechel // John (the man) // Cally // Courtney // Meg // Kerrie // Sarah // Haley // Jessi // Jen // Cyndi // Julie // Blair // Kirsten // Brooke // Brooke // Amber // Alissa // John (again) // Lena // Sarah // Plus all the ladies I don't have photos with, but you should still get to know: RebeccaSarah, Moriah, Natalie, Rebecca, Amanda, Rachel and Kathleen.

Incredible women opened their hearts, their arms, and their love for each other. A few of their words (and a few smart guys too!) are already impacting the way I think about the balance of faith, family, and online presence.

When you are at capacity, to say "yes," means to have to say "no," to something already in your pipeline - John Saddington

Keeping your conversations in your head doesn't do any good. Talk to your spouse. - John Saddington

I am not in a movie, I can only bring vulnerably and the real me.  - Haley Morgan

If you are going to have social media streams, they need to be consistent. Spotty is worse than zero. - Haley Morgan

You can't continue unless your husband is on board.  - Nick Connolly

There is a process of learning our brave yes and our strong no. - Emily Freeman

Allow yourself the time to pour into your non-parenting activities guiltlessly. - Sarah Matheny

Have the type of grace for yourself that God has for you. - Sarah Matheny

What you worship is obvious to anyone who spends any time with you, or reading your blog. Can people see Christ through your blog?  - Jami Nato

To tell yourself you are going to wake up and do better is a disservice for the cross. - Jami Nato 
The beauty of a blogging conference over other conferences is bloggers don’t see each other as competition but community. - Will Bogel 
When you belong to Christ, you can't filter him out of your life.  - Sarah Matheny

My blog isnt enough to make me cut my hair. If 1,000 readers told me to cut it, it wouldn't be enough. - Blair McLeod

Understand what you are trying to do before using technology. Choose a few and do them well. - John Saddington 
Be strategic in your post titles. Stand out in feeds and readers.  - Casey Wiegand

And then there are these women, my roommates (+ one fine lady). The depth of conversation, their heart for serving the Lord, and their encouragement made it all worth it. It was all worth it.

I learned a lot of incredible things about strategy. I learned even more about the Sovereignty of God. Conversations that took place throughout the weekend have inspired and renewed me. A new set of goals, including my family, my faith, my marriage, and my blog are leading me forward. I have ideas about how to implement some of the things I have learned here. But even more so, I look forward to you engaging in the change. Welcome to the ride.


  1. Welcome back. I am excited. I love the quotes, a lot. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh Whit, it was so good. It would be a blast to have you there next year!

  2. love. and cally made an appearance :) so glad you two connected! thanks for sharing your highlights!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you had such a lovely time! And I'm glad you got the chance to connect with such amazing women!

  4. It was so good to meet you this weekend! So glad I now know where to find the cutest cards ever!

  5. It was such a JOY to meet you, Lady! ;) Thanks for taking a picture of me with BACON.

    1. Jen, that Bacon picture was priceless...and yet you can hardly tell there is bacon in your hand!

  6. What fun roommates you had! Glad you were there & glad you came away inspired. And... so glad to meet you! xo

  7. Hello Shannon! Just stopped by from the Pure & Simple Blog. So happy to have stumbled upon your site. I'm looking forward to following along & sharing in this journey together!

  8. It was just great to meet you at the conference. You were so sweet to me. Thanks! Lisa~

    1. Thanks Lisa! I will never use a mason jar again without thinking of you!

  9. So very very glad to have met you. It's hard, in a room full of 200 people to find the few that you can truly relate to, and you "got" me in a lot of real ways. So thanks for that.

  10. It was SO great meeting you! And what a great compilation of quotes! Thanks for posting them



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