CSA Inspired: Stuffed Acorn Squash

I find myself reinventing squash each fall. Roasted with butter and a bit of spice, loaded with goodness and stuffed, or chopped into soup or casseroles. It is never quite the same. Monday night, we cooked for our neighbors and made Apple and Sausage stuffed squash. Adapted from several recipes, most closely following Iowa Girl Eats.


three acorn squash
evoo, salt & pepper as needed
one breakfast sausage log
three apples, peeled, cored, and diced
about two cups chicken broth
one box/bag of stuffing cubes

I have never microwaved my squash before cooking as Iowa Girl suggests, and it definitely cut down the roasting time, key for a weeknight. But my general aversion to microwaves would lead me to skip this step is prepping on a weekend or with more time.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Pierce acorn squash several times with a knife, then place on a microwave-safe plate and cook for 2 minutes
Cut the squash in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds, then microwave for 1 additional minute
Lay squash halves on a baking sheet, skin side down
Drizzel with extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper
Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until tender. Note, different size squash may lead to varying roasting times
While Squash is roasting, brown sausage in a dry pan over medium high heat
After sausage begins to brown, add apples and cook until tender
In a separate saucepan, cook stuffing according to package directions, substituting chicken broth for water Combine stuffing with apples and sausage and fill each acorn "bowl" with a mound of goodness
Broil for 10 minutes, or until the tops get a crusty golden brown

If you ask my husband, he would this meal should be paired with a Sam Adam's Boston Lager.


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Now that it is October and I am posting about roasting squash, I can officially admit that it is Fall. I am letting go of Summer (finally) and embracing this new season. Below is our family bucket list. We would love to hear from you, what are your favorite autumnal activities? Is there anything new you hope to add to the list this year?


  1. Oh my goodness that recipe sounds heavenly. I'll have to branch out and try some new squash recipes this fall! I blogged my fall bucket list a week or two ago, but I love the idea of homemade applesauce!! I'm just remembering my grandpa's right now. Delish.

  2. So I've never had acorn squash. I think it's high time for me to try. And s'mores are such a necessity this fall. Like I'm CRAVING one right now.

  3. Recipe and bucket list sound great! I've officially made art with leaves and tried a new pumpkin recipe. Up next, orchard and cider donuts!



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