What's in a shape?

As a teenager, I used to dread magazine articles which told me which sunglasses to buy or how to cut my hair. I always wanted advice, heck I needed advice. I had about as much fashion sense as a blind mule. So when I flipped the page of my InStyle, I should have been glad for direction. Instead, I would look at a chart like this and feel utterly and completely lost.

I am sort of a mishmash of the in between. I've even asked hair salons which have given me the gamut of answers.  But here's the thing, I need new glasses. My current glasses were purchased over 10 years ago, and I have not updated the prescription...which is why you never see pictures of me wearing them!

In the hunt for new frames, I have decided to go with Bon Look but I am stumped between two choices, the Hooverville and the Charlie: 

and if you promise you won't judge, 
here are two very early, poorly lit, tired-eyed, frizzy bed head ponytail webcam shots of me "wearing" my top two choices, that I can't believe I am actually sharing with the public. 

note: I am sure I did not properly sized these on my face as I just wanted the general idea, not the exact look.

What face shape would you say I am? And which glasses should I get? 


  1. oblong/triangular/square combo?
    and i like both.
    can we see a pic of your current glasses.
    i think the hooverville look better, but the charlie may be more classic, considering you may have them for 10 years?
    i've never had glasses, so i don't know what it's like to choose... i have a hard enough time choosing sunglasses!

  2. I find the whole face shape thing beyond confusing, so I can't help you there. But I think that the second pair (Charlie Brown) of glasses look great on you! And come on, Charlie Brown glasses?! PLEASE!

  3. I LOVE the Charlie ones. :) They look great.

  4. Ooh girl definitely an oval shape. And I know everyone likes the Charlie, but I reallyyyy like the Hooverville. You look so cute!

  5. I love that you share pictures of yourself! I'm such a chicken!

    1. * I'm such a chicken when it comes to people maybe judging me as harshly as I judge myself

  6. i have no idea what shape my face is either. and i like the ones on the right!



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