The story of friendship

For about six years I have carried these two photo strips with me. They have been in my agenda, tucked behind the front cover. Annually I transfer them from my old calendar to my new one. If there was a fire I would want to save them. You see, these two girls are very special. They are two of my dearest friends. I have hundreds of pictures with them, but these photo strips stand out. This day is special.

I can't remember what year it was, but I am pretty sure that none of us were dating the men we are married to now. We didn't talk about boys that day.

The one on the right, was a year older. We looked up to her in highschool as a star athlete on our team. She drove us around. She brought us to early morning young life bible study, called campaigners. We often lacked self-esteem, while she exuded confidence. She helped us find out own confidence.

Out of the blue, she called us up and invited us to the beach, before we were best friends. The forecast was rainy, but she knew how to make the best of it. We walked the boardwalk and visited every shop brave enough to be open. We took ridiculous pictures wearing crazy hats and our brightly colored rain slickers. We spent time in the arcade where we took these photos. I don't know why I am the keeper. Perhaps we got three sets. Either way, I am glad to have them. These photos tell a story

of investing in others.

of loving like Christ.

of sisterhood.

of the foundations of friendship.

of a friendship that will last for an eternity.

I took the photo strips out of my agenda today to scan them. And then I tucked them neatly in my desk at home. But I will always carry them with me in some form or another.

I look forward to being 80 with these two, driving to Ocean City out of the blue, and having our husbands, kids and grandkids laugh at how corny we are. We wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Best beach day ever! The big OC! And didnt Kar moon someone on the drive down?

  2. So lovely. I got to catch up with some long-loved friends on this trip home, and it was lovely. Girls I've known since I was in high school, or before, whom I rarely see anymore, but when we do get back together, everything falls back in place, just like it was. Its so nice to have friends like that. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. What a beautiful story! I had a friend like that too :)

  4. That's so nice. I wish I could say I had friends like that, but unfortunately I haven't been so lucky (yet). You really are blessed to have two such lovely ladies in your life :)

  5. such a sweet post. i have all my photo albums in one place in basket and they would be the first thing i would grab if there was a fire. i am very sentimental that way.



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