For the love of Asparagus

I love asparagus. It may be one of my favorite parts of Spring. Weird, right? When I was pregnant with Behr I hated the smell. Recently I told Mark that eating asparagus was one of the best parts of not being pregnant. Forget 18 weeks of morning sickness, the constant trips to the bathroom, sleepless nights, and general discomfort...hating asparagus was one of the worst parts of pregnancy. Therefore my logic makes sense. Asparagus is a perk of not being knocked up. Yup, I said it.

But I've got another random bit about asparagus. I think it completely gets the shaft in the veggie tales theme song. The asparagus family are key characters in most veggie tale shows. So why don't they get a mention? Just because their name is awkward doesn't mean they should be excluded. The song writers should have gotten a bit more creative.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

I was going to share a delicious brunch meal (including asparagus!) with you, but instead I am going to ask you questions a la Bridget. She had so much fun asking her readers questions, she encouraged me to do the same. So I am blatantly copying Bridget, at her request, with slightly different questions. I'd really love to learn more about you! Here is goes:

where did you grow up? where do you live now? what do you call home?
I grew up outside of philadelphia, what some may call the "main line" but I like to say I am a philly girl. I live in DC now, and am starting to really call this home.

male/female? age(range)?
I'm a 28 year old lady. But recently I forgot that I was only 28 and called myself 29 for about two months straight. #excitedabout30?

how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new? family? lurking co-worker?
I read about 6-8 blogs regularly plus a handful of close RL/BB (real life before blogging) friends. I like finding new blogs, but feel pressure to keep up with them, so I slink back to my long time faves. If you have a great blog recommendation, throw it at me!

 what do you do? for work? for fun? 
I work to pay the bills, but I blog and run my etsy shop for fun, and in an effort to change my lifestyle. I would love if this online community that I love so much supported me enough to spend my days home with Behr. I also really like to take pictures, be with family, cook seasonally, and travel.

 are you religious? atheist? something in between? 
I love that Bridget boldly asks this. I struggle with how to ask this/express this on my blog. So here I go, throwing it out there. I am a Christian, a woman of God, who believes that Jesus is my Saviour. We call myself Presbyterian, more specifically PCA, but I don't always pay close attention to the details that make that distinction between traditionally Protestant churches.

what's your family like? big, small, all living in the same small town, spread out across the globe?
I come from a big family, a big greek family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. A few folks are scattershot, but we all tend to gravitate back to the Philadelphia area, which makes for huge family gatherings. I love it! In our immediate family, it is just Mark, Behr and me right now...but I hope someday we have a full house, equal parts love, laughter, and chaos, for sure!

what's your favorite food? are you a foodie? what is your food type?
While I am a plant lover, I could never give up meat, or dairy, or wheat. {gasp!} Sometimes I wonder how I can be a blogger and not be on a vegan, gluten-free, raw diet, and give up all cane sugar and only eat one square of dark chocolate per day. I like to think I am a budding foodie, but I focus more on eating seasonally and locally with a healthy dose of moderation. That being said, my favorite food (as mentioned before too many times to count) is hands down a philly cheesesteak. But when it comes to vegetables, I will choose asparagus over brussels sprouts {another audible gasp from bloggers everywhere}

what's your favorite vacation spot? 
The beach, the beach, the beach. I really love going Amelia Island, Florida with my in-laws every year. But I miss spending two weeks at the beach every summer like I did growing up. I hope our family is able to restart that tradition some day. 

what's on your summer reading list? 
(or link up your list if you already blogged that!)
If I can get through one book in a normal time span this summer, I will call it victory! I am planning to read Bloom with this lovely lady during the month of July. Fingers crossed.

what would you like to see more of on the blog? 
or maybe you would rather see less of something...

alrighty, comments are anonymous, but feel free to reveal yourself! :)


  1. I would like to see more of deals, sweepstakes, coupons and upcoming trends with fashion, food or even in your life!

  2. I love that you start the post with pictures of asparagus. Alright here I go.

    1. I'm a California girl--3rd generation Bay Area lady.
    2. Flirty Thirty lady
    3. I was sucked in by Saturday shoes, and stayed for a kindred spirit
    4. Work--lady lawyer; fun--family + friend time is my favorite, especially when food is involved, reading, knitting and taking spontaneous mini-trips
    5. I grew up religious and still consider myself religious, but currently trying to figure out how to fit the confines of practicing religion into me and my family's non-cookie cutter religious views.
    6. My family is a giant Armenian power force, and now I get my husband's family which is also big and sprawling. Most of my family lives in the Bay Area, but recently we have had a couple stragglers head to Texas.
    7. Favorite food is just what tastes good, fresh and makes you feel at home. I am not a foodie by any means, although I certainly enjoy all the fun cuisine San Francisco has to offer.
    8. I can't pick one favorite vacation spot. Bora Bora for my honeymoon was true bliss; my parents cabin is the perfect get-away; Edinburgh and London stole my heart...and I basically ate my way through Italy.
    9. Summer reading list, you know it already:
    10. More of on the blog? Pictures of that cute kid, of course.

  3. Boom shaka laka! First comment!

    where did you grow up? where do you live now? what do you call home?
    I grew up in Worcester (central MA), and now I live in Boston. So I guess I've been a Massachusetts lover my whole life ;) But hopefully soon we will call DC home!

    male/female? age(range)?
    Lady all the way. 24. Lovin' life.

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new? family? lurking co-worker?
    Through Bridget! Long-time reader. Since your Fresh giveaway ;)

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    Content producer by day, blogger by night, runner at all hours. That's basically my life.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    I don't really know. I'm something. I'm a believer? But I don't know what I believe in? I find myself being drawn toward Buddhism, but I think I still need to figure this part out.

    what's your family like? big, small, all living in the same small town, spread out across the globe?
    My family is teeny! It's just me, my sister and my mom, and then our families that we've built from there :) The rest of my mom's family is in Hong Kong!

    what's your favorite food? are you a foodie? what is your food type?
    I love all kinds of food. I do not discriminate. All food should be in my belly ALL THE TIME. I love carbs though; pastas, breads, pizzas. Love. Carbs.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    San Diego, CA without a doubt!

    what's on your summer reading list?
    (or link up your list if you already blogged that!)
    We're reading "Summer Sisters" for book club! It's the perfect summer book for ladies :)

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    Behr. Nine to Five. RECIPES!

  4. I WAS NOT FIRST! Drat me for starting this and then eating lunch and then finishing. DRAT!

  5. your blog is so beautiful!!! i am a new follower :) SO excited about being roomies at influence!

  6. 1. Grew up northwest of Philadelphia. Still live in these parts. I find that I easily call places, "home". On vacation? The place is home. In college, the dorm was home, etc.

    2. Female 27

    3. Family/long-time reader

    4. Chase a toddler by day, tutor by afternoon/early evening. I find both of these activites a combination of both work & fun.

    5. Christian.

    6. Average to small size family...spread out from California to Florida to Maryland

    7. Homemade pizza, cous cous w/ blue cheese and walnuts, anything with pesto, ice cream, and iced coffee

    8. BEACH. Any of them will do just fine.

    9. do children's books count? if so: freight train, i am bunny, and mr. brown can moo, can you?

    10. Behr!

    Guess who?

  7. where did you grow up? where do you live now? what do you call home?
    I grew up in Haverhill, Ma till 6th grade and then moved to Newburyport, MA. And finished high school in that general area. I live in Somerville, MA and in a month am moving to Cambridge with one of my bestites!! woo hoo! I call Massachusetts (Boston) my home.

    male/female? age(range)?
    I'm turning 24 in a month!

    how'd you discover my blog? long-time reader? new? family? lurking co-worker?
    I think I found your blog through Bridget's, because we're all part of the same undergrad family. Last fall maybe?

    what do you do? for work? for fun?
    I work for Sperry Top-Sider as the assistant to the product creation team and the SVP of product. I get to hang out with all the designers :) For fun i love blogging, duh!! fashion and lifestyle that is. I like crafting, watching movies, hanging out with my homies and my fam!! going to the beach. finishing up school.

    are you religious? atheist? something in between?
    Religious is a stupid word. My life is based on my faith in Jesus Christ. But I am extremely liberal. I mean, I live in Cambridge, Ma for the love of God. I think it's something like number 3 on most liberal cities in the country?

    what's your family like? big, small, all living in the same small town, spread out across the globe?
    Hmmmm... I have two brothers and two living, breathing parents who have been married and in love for 33 years in august. My older brother and his new wife are estranged, so there's barely been communication in the past two years or so.

    what's your favorite food? are you a foodie? what is your food type?
    I'm starting to get to the age where I think foodieness is becoming more of an interest to me. I love organic and holistic cooking in general and am just starting to get my feet a little wet.

    what's your favorite vacation spot?
    Well I love Ogunquit and Kennebunkport Maine. Karina and I went there on vacation a year before she died.

    what's on your summer reading list?
    mmmmmm... my own? I just pick up random books that I think I'll like. I'm reading "Overdressed" right now. Non-Fiction and the downfall of the quality of textiles in the US.

    what would you like to see more of on the blog?
    more Behr!

  8. 1. Grew up on Cape Cod, live in the North Shore (Massachusetts), I call both home with a splash of Sweden.
    2. lady and 29 (eek, 30 is approaching)
    3. long-time reader/college friend :)
    4. work: controller for an insurance agency (handle all the financials) fun: go to the beach, hike, rollerblade, basically be outside, enjoy traveling, spending time w/family (Caleb & Sam and extended), occasionally blog - but I slack.
    5. Grew up in a Christian home. Consider myself a "christian" but it's more about loving God & loving people. more on that some other time.
    6. big family, ALL. OVER. THE. GLOBE. sometimes amazing (for the travel opportunities), sometimes sad (Massachusetts, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, California, Florida, Alaska, Maine, South Carolina, etc etc)
    7. Favorite food: oh, it varies, but ice-cream & raspberries are pretty high on the list. I love trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen.
    8. Vacation is where the family is, whether it's Florida, Maine, Sweden, France or a trip we all take somewhere... those are my favorite moments. Looking forward to a road trip we're taking this fall to visit friends and family... from Massachusetts to Florida and many stops in between.
    9. Summer reading list: what's that? hah. really. I need a few good books to get into. The last 3 were the Hunger Games Trilogy, probably read all 3 in a week. I can really get into a book, but I need some ideas...
    10. Hmmm... daily life? How your Etsy shop is doing, party stuff, Behr, recipes, your travels... :)

  9. Ooooh fun!
    1. I grew up in Toronto, right in the city. I still live her just slightly north and in suburbia now.
    2. I'm a girl (just in case you didn't notice) and I just turned 42. But I feeeel 28. So there's that.
    3. I think I found you via Bridget come to think of it! Yes, yes I did.
    4. I worked for 21 years as a Sales Manager at one of the largest telecommunication's companies in Canada. I left the corporate world last October to be home with my babies. I hope to go back to work in a couple of years.
    5. I grew up Catholic and still practice. Just not "religiously". Did you like that? Ha.
    6. Small family. I have an older brother and my husband has a younger brother. All of us live within 20 minutes of each other including both sides of parents. It is great. Canadian's tend to do that...don't move around very much. I also have family in Slovenia and Croatia and Lino (my husband) has family in Rome. Sigh.
    7. Definitely we are foodies around here! My brother particularly and he is a big influence. You should follow him on pinterest :: he's like a woman! He is Brian Jakovina. And I cook for him. A lot. We also talk about food. A lot.
    8. Anywhere near a beach! We do Florida every year as well. My in-laws have a condo in West Palm Beach. I spent summers in Croatia on the coast. Love.
    9. Summer reading list is too extensive to list...I still recommend The ShoeMaker's wife to anyone who asks! Loved it. I'm reading a ton of teen books these days. I know it's weird.
    10. More of the same!


  10. Oh my goodness, I love this. I just finished Bloom and thought it was excellent, even though I cried through the entire first chapter.

  11. grew up in h-field, what what!
    i'm a 27 year old LADY.
    i know you. that's how i know your blog. duh.
    you already know my religious answer!
    came from a big family, in a big family now...
    italy or caribbean. but i'll be honest, i love lake winnipesaukee too.
    summer reading list... reading bloom now! read waiting for birdy... not sure what's next...
    more of?! keep on with what you're doing--especially that cutie boy!



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