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I have lots of posts ideas.

Very little motivation to pull them together.

I just want to snuggle with this little guy.

photos that otherwise never would have made a blog post. find me on instagram @TheScribblePad

But...I've been tagged (twice!) and totally slacked on carrying my end of the deal. So here it goes, bits of Random for your Thursday. Morgan tagged me ens ago to share 7 things no one else knows...and Whitney tagged me this week to answer 10 questions. Fortunately, most of the answers to these questions are things no one here is one big blogger tag post:

1. What is your Secret Single Behavior?
My poor husband has to deal with most of what would normally be classified as "secret single behavior." You know, peanut butter or icing on a spoon straight from the jar and then a double dip, leaving the bathroom door wide open (yes, girls do it to) but my most offensive is likely teeth brushing.

I am a full supporter of dental hygene. I floss on the regular, mouthwash is my friend, but late at night, I have a strong aversion to brushing my teeth. When I am tired, I literally hate brushing my teeth. It is painful to force myself to do it. So there you have it.

2. What book are you reading right now (be honest!)?
Coastal Living? When you become a mom can a magazine count as a book? I also read the magazines Whole Living and Working Mother. Three "books" a month? I am pretty proud of myself.

3. What are three books on your "to read" list?
I do have a few good books on my nightstand. Bloom, Honey for a Child's Heart, and on my wish list, Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches.

4. If you could go on a Blogger Friend Date with any blogger, who would you pick? (Besides me, of course)
I would really love to explore Gasparilla Island with Sarah Tucker...or follow/asist her for one of her weddings. We both love that little island, Florida, Weddings, al fresco dining, and traveling, so I think it would be a blast. She has such a great, and positive, out look on life, it would be great to spend some time seeing things through her eyes.

5. What is your most used Android/iPhone/iPad App?
My most used ap is likely Drop7, a game that I am addicted to. I also spend too much time on instagram or playing Words with Friends.

The apps I recommend the most are: Red Stamp, Left to Spend (simple budgeting tool), and the You Version Bible where I am currently doing the Soul Detox study along with #SheReadsTruth

6. What is a favorite memory of yours that is not related to your marriage and/or child(ren)?
Growing up my grandfather owned a jewelry store and my grandmother owned a florist shop in the same plaza. I would help them both by running their cash registeres, cleaning up, and heading down the sidewalk to order pizza for lunch for us all. My very first internship, and I was only in elementry school. Looking back, I probably was there while my parents were at the hospital with my brother, or for some other less than positive reason. But to me and my little mind, it was the most exciting place to be in the world.

7. What songs do you dance in the kitchen to?
I dance to pretty much anything, but we are not a huge music family {gasp!}. We have to remember to plug in the iPod. It is not second nature, and I will likely never own a record player, no matter how trendy they get.

I tend to sing songs to Behr that my Dad would sing while we were growing up, a lot of Bruce Springsteen and Dean Martin.

8. What is something you have learned about yourself through blogging?
I learned that I care more about graphic design, photo editting, and telling a good story than I ever thought I would. Too bad my college major was international affairs and economics.

9. What are your comfort foods?
Hands down, Philly Cheese Steak, every single time. My dad even sent me one for my birthday a few years ago. Let's just say my waist is glad I live in DC. I also love fresh fruit, bread with dipping oil, mac and cheese, and ice cream sandwiches.

10. What is the last song you purchased?
I completely forget. It was a few weeks ago. See question 7.

And because I am still in my lack of creativity rut, I tag the following people to answer the same questions, or to make up your own random question to answer:

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  1. Behr is such a cutie. Every time I see his little face, I smile.

  2. I love your answers! I have Bloom on my shortlist for the summer, we should do a read-a-long! What's funny is that I get a couple magazines a month but never manage to read them before the next one comes. I am always learning about Winter fashion in the Spring. Oh and B's Secret Single Behavior is also eating Peanut Butter straight from the jar with a spoon :)

  3. haha great! I can totally relate to #8. I want to take some graphic design classes (and my degree was econ with a concentration in international econ.)

  4. First of all, I can't wait to fill this out for mahself. Second, omg cheesesteak. In college once, my friend (from Philly) had her dad bring all of us cheesesteaks. They drove to Hartford from Philly with four bags full of cheesesteaks <3

  5. First off, those top 2 pics are too cute for words!!
    Loved learning more about you. Love these posts actually. K...I'll play. Hmmm.

  6. confession: I always love these things. I have a hard time sharing things about myself, but for some reason my 6th grade self still geeks out on these. Hmm. I loved reading yours Shannon, WHY didn't we cross paths when we lived in the same bubble?!



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