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One of the early lessons we learned in reducing baby clutter was to ask for diapers and books, books and diapers, lots of books, and did I mention diapers? Our friends and family delivered! We didn't have to buy diapers until Behr was almost six months old, and we are still discovering new books as we rotate our collection. Among the books, a few stood out early as family favorites. Here are our top five(ish).

Just Because You're Mine This book is the story of a father's love for his son, not because he is fast, brave, or anything he could do on his own, a beautiful reflection of our Father's love for us. The author, Sally Lloyd-Jones also writes our favorite children's bible. This is a wonderful gift.

Little Blue Truck Little Blue Truck teaches his friend the lesson of being kind and helping others. The illustrations are beautiful, and it is fun to read aloud the sound effects. Behr carries this book around the house with him. This book has worked its way into the home of nearly every friend who has had a baby since Behr. (Seriously, I just bough 5 more last week!)

Barnyard Dance! I am not a huge Sandra Boynton fan, but this book is hard to resist. Every time Behr picks it out, he stands next to me and reaches for my hand so he can "spin with the chickens...not cluck, cluck, cluck!" This book gets us dancing and giggling every time.

Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink (a set of three, but I am counting them here as oneish). These cheeky books again teach lessons with a bit of irony, a pea that doesn't eat his veggies, a pig that doesn't like dirt. The whit and humor keep us reading these again and again. Much like Little Blue Truck, we give this book set to everyone. I even embarrassingly emailed a blogger who reference the book and a different gift giver in her vlog...only to realize that we had given her Little Blue Truck instead. My cheeks are still red from that one!

Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones a sweet and simple book of how the jungle animals say good night. Behr brings us this book often. The illustrations are serene, akin to the colorful skies in the movie Lion King. And while there isn't much that makes this stand out, it has given us a family phrase, "a big hippo hug!" to replace the more common idiom, "bear hug," because that might get a bit tricky some day...

We love these books so much, we keep our house stocked with these for baby shower, birthday, and baptism gifts. We are always ready! And now we want you to be ready too. Win your own Little Blue Truck board book.

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this could be a the book you read last week, from your childhood, that you read to your own children. etc. note, it doesn't have to be a children's book.

this giveaway closes monday, may 28

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ooh, don't forget, this is the last week to ask me questions anonymously.


  1. don't let me win, since obvi i already own little blue truck :) BUT no shame in thinking you were the gift giver! it was funny.

  2. Love this post...we are on the hunt for good children's books!!! I'm sure I'll (and by I, I mean Jacob) will have a children's favorite soon, but I must say my favorite book is desiring God by John piper. The first chapter on the sovereignty of God finally made me understand what that actually changing, really. Email:

  3. I just followed you via GFC, which I have never quite understood. But I want to win, so I'm following the rules.

    Favorite book: Secret Garden. It was magical when I proudly conqured the 311 pages in the 3rd grade and it's still magical now.

    On Declyn's rotating list right now is any Fancy Nancy book, Mommy's High Heel Shoes, and Extra Yarn, but I am thinking Little Blue Truck needs to be on the list.

  4. Hm... probably To Kill a Mockingbird...but I'm rereading the Harry Potter series and it brings back fun memories of when mom read them to us as each new one came out. :)

  5. The best book I've read recently was Peace Like A River by Leif Enger. Incredibly good. Little Women was my fave in childhood.

  6. And . . . Mary Tobin's fave is eating the crinkly version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

  7. I am allowed to have 2? Because I do.
    Madeline and Charlotte's Web get my vote. And I still have MY original Charlotte's Web book inscribed by my best friend from 5th grade. That's gotta count for something!



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