A Letter to My Sisters

My sisters came to visit on Sunday. The magnolias are in full bloom, and the cherry blossoms are just starting to open up. It was warm and sunny, just what we needed. Brooke was home for Spring break, so it was one of the few chances we have had recently for all three of us to be together and simply catch up. Reflecting on how our relationships have changed over the past few years, I decided to write them a letter.

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Dear Julia and Brooke,

As your older sister, I have spent years trying to teach you many things - from the mundane, such as trying to save you from regrettable fashion mistakes, the secret to crowd pleasing buffalo chicken dip, and that "they say" is not a credible source, to more important life lessons such as showing you how to save and invest your money and the importance of guarding your hearts.  Recently, it has become apparent that you often have more wisdom to share with me. Thanks for letting me be the "the boss" for the past 24 years, but I am handing over the reins. I am ready to start listening to you.

You two are incredibly skilled and talented women. I am so glad to have you in my life. Thank you for teaching me about cooking and baking, questioning my career choices, and encouraging me to follow my passions. I am sure there is so much more that I will be learning from you over the years. Knowing this makes me excited about our adventures!

Most recently I thank you for repeatedly reminding me that I'm not as tall and thin as I think. For telling me that a dress I want to love will never look good on me. My closet is better refined because of you. For this my friends, who have received the hand-me-downs, thank you. My husband, who gets a better dressed wife, thanks you. And my self confidence thanks you.

I appreciate that you are the only women in the world that can brutally comment on my post-partum, not yet fully recovered, body and simultaneously boost my self-esteem and remind me that I am still beautiful.

We don't know what curve balls life will throw at us in the future, but the past year has taught us that life as we know it can change on a dime. We have watched our mom lose her sister, and experienced grief along side of her. I thank Aunt Mary for bringing us closer to eachother and to Mom because of it all. I don't want to ever think about losing you two, so instead I will focus on keeping you.

There will always be a place for you to crash at our home, no matter how small.

When we need sister time, Mark is willing to give us our space.

You will always have a seat at our dinner table.

If you need a dress for a wedding, a suit for an interview, or even a pair of sweats, I have it for you to borrow or keep.

There will always be a support hug waiting for you at our home.

And skype, even when we both look like hell, but simply need to see each other's faces.

For all of these reasons and so many more, I love you. Please come visit again soon. Behr misses you. We all do.

Shannon, xoxo


  1. Aw this is so sweet :) Sisters really are the best!

  2. This right here is why I always wished for a sister!! So sweet. xo

  3. shannon, this is soooo sweet. sisters are the bomb. and you're a good older sister.

  4. This is really sweet. Sisters are the best, especially when it comes to outfit advice (or an outfit reality check, more like).



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