Cookie Pie

Dad is Greek. Which means when he married Mom, the non-greek side of the family got a whole lot of good food. However, most of this food came by way of Yia-yia (dad's mom). Because how many greek men do you know that spend days on end making pasteries? And yet, Dad brought a few gems to the family, most famously "mike's chicken" and my favorite childhood dessert, a no fail, no bake, cookie pie!
grab yourself a 9x9 pan, or anything with high walls
pour yourself a glass of milk, but don't drink it yet
dip the chocolate chip cookies in the milk, for just a moment
and begin to layer the bottom with milk-dipped cookies
after the base cookie layer, add a layer of cool whip and repeat whip...
until you finish both packages
and then, you can drink the cookie milk
cover and pop in the fridge for about an hour to set
you can even make this a day ahead, but it is so easy, you won't need to!

tips for success:
be sure to dip the cookies in the milk. mom forgot once and it was a very crunchy pie.
let the cool whip soften in the fridge before you make this, for ease of spreading.

p.s. in case you need a layer by layer visual:
thanks Dad!
love, shannon

oh wait, you didn't set a new years resolution to eat healthier or loose weight, did you?
whoops, sorry if I already tempted you.
but seriously, this is too good to wait until 2013 to eat!


  1. Wait, no baking? How weird would it be if I walked to the gas station down the street and made it here at work? I mean, that's kind of normal right? And even if it isn't, I'm sure I would make friends fast when it's cookie cutting time.

  2. Oh Mel, you would make very good friends with this pie. Please go to the gas station. That would make my day!

  3. Ooooh, I love cookies dipped in milk- I think I'm going to have to try this one!

  4. Just going to sit here and drool over this...



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