2011 Gift Guide: Baby Baby

There are so many great gifts for baby. Each year, I could easily create several gear guides for babies.  With a son about to turn one, four cousins under the age of four, and armfuls of other babies in my life between friends and cousins, Christmas shopping for babies has been on my brain.  Here are a few of the items that I keep circling back to:

1. Recycled ECO Fleece Bunting - a mix between Swedish and preppy, certainly cozy.  You can find this set by Polarn O. Pyret for $100. I want to buy it for Behr, even though he already has one.  Maybe they make on in my size?

2. Ukrainescape Red Print by The Littlest Mammoth - this print by Andrea Kalfas brings a worldly sophistication to any little one's space.  I have spent hours designing this gift guide around multiple prints found on The Littlest Mammoth, a perfectly curated collection of international artists. Prints start at just $20.

3. Gnome Bowling Set - I really want to get Behr into bowling.  It seems like the perfect mix of sport and destruction for a little boy who loves to knock things down!  This set by Green Mountain on etsy would be the perfect way to start, especially at $30!

4. Foil Bird Onesie - again, does it come in adult size?  Featured on Nonchalant Mom, this onesie could be yours for $38.  Be sue to check out the blog too!

5. Bunny Milk on the Rocks Onesie - the back of this cracks me up!  What little kid doesn't want to run around with a bunny tail?  Get yours from The Black Wagon for $48

6. Zippity Zany Mittens - Confession, Behr already has these. For only $16 I couldn't resist. As for being included in this guide, the colors were just too perfect to pass up.  I would give these mittens a top notch review.  They are just the right size for itty bitty hands and certainly brighten up our bike rides!

7. Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards - After searching high and low, these flash cards remain on the list of most pleasing to mom and baby.  They make a great gift for all ages and can be found for about $10.

8. Bright Blue Recycle Truck Print - One of my favorite new etsy finds.  Get this print for $16 or buy all four trucks for $34.

9. Wheely Bee by Prince Lionheart - Love this bee!  Can't you just picture the cuteness overload when this toy enters the scene?  Prices range from retailer to retailer, but it appears to be on sale for $50 in the link provided at the time I wrote this post.


  1. Love those gloves! And the bee is cute too, although the grandparents already bought an airplane for the little guy to ride.

    I think my husband would like the gnome bowling set for himself. He loves gnomes, LOL.

  2. i am such a sucker for anything with animals on it. and lucky for me i have one little that loves animals!

  3. @inthemommymind - love that the gnome bowling set would be for your husband!

    @nessa - me too, a sucker for animals! but I can't pull myself away from the ukranian sity scape print. I love it! (even sans animals)



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