The Alumni Part of Alumni Weekend

{day two continues...}

Perhaps the best part of visiting Boston is seeing these two, Hull and Nora.  Their family owns the apartment that we lived in when Mark and I first were married.  The apartment was an in-law suite that literally helped us become part of their family.  When we lived next door, we regularly had dinner together, babysat back when they were actually shorter than me, built an incredible garden each spring, and introduced them to our love of lacrosse.  It was a joy to stay with them again and introduce them to Behr.  Behr quickly realized why we love them so much!

{day three}

The insanity of alumni weekend begins.  No matter how much we plan to don't plan we miss folks we want to catch up with, spend time talking to folks we never expected to see, and have a day that is better than we could have ever expected.  Here are bits of our 2011 adventure:

Mark showing Behr the view of the quad from the library.

Behr and his best buddy Sam.
They have grown since their last play date this past spring.

I played lacrosse with these girls.
In other words, we dominated on the field.
Love them.

Sam and Behr were adorable together!

More lacrosse goodness...

Behr stood and watched almost the entire first half.
I think we might have a future lacrosse player.
Either way, Behr certainly made his dad super proud just by watching.

Future lacrosse players and proud papas.

To sum up the day, Lobster and Lacrosse.
It was a great weekend.


  1. Gordon Lacrosse! I remember how fun those games were :)

  2. i kind of love that behr's collar is popped.



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