Dreaming Big

We are back from vacation, tan and rested.  Photos will be coming soon, I promise.  While I continue to edit those, let me share a little secret I realized on vacation. 

I want a big family. 

Now, you might question whether this is really a secret.  I have become famous, or infamous for proclaiming that I want 7 children.  But this vacation helped me realize, more than ever that I want a big family.  Mark and I began thinking about what our time at the beach would look like...

...with another baby
...when Behr is a little bit older
...when there are enough of us to build a sandcastle and tear it down simultaneously
...when we can play tag and football on the beach
...when we won't get bored because one kid is asleep, as the others will keep us running

So yes, I am ready for our next baby.  Not at this very moment, no, but excitedly looking towards the future in hope of receiving another incredible blessing in our lives.  Ans all that it entails, including squeezing even more warm blodded bodies into tiny Capitol Hill homes.  So here are a few of my kid's bedroom inspirations.

great for tight spaces, but I am not sure the top of the stairs would work for kids

might be my favorite!

love the originality of the hanging beds, but I am not sure this actually conserves space

might be my favorite!!

vacation home?  yes, please!

build a room over the stairs to make the most of space!
Needing a bunk room is clearly several years off, but it doesn't hurt to start dreaming.

Do you want a big family?  Do you come from a big family?  What is your ideal family size?


  1. I like 2 and 4...2 because it looks homey and do-able...4 because, well it's nautical and I'm a sucker for all that jazz.

  2. I don't have bros or sisters, but I always wanted a bunk bed just the same. living in NYC, when the time comes to pop out some kids.... bunk beds it will be.

  3. i wanted 5 kids... now i'm just going to take it one kid at a time...

  4. I think I am going to become addicted to babies. Like Octomom. Drew wants 2 though so we'll seeeeeeeeee

  5. Thanks for the inspiration! We have three little boys and are in the process of adopting a baby. They all have their own rooms now, but I'd love if the boys ended up sharing... at least for a little while. All of our ceiling angle with the roof, so I am trying to figure out the bed situation - I love, love, love so many of the photos you shared!

  6. Love those bunks! ... and I've been wondering the same thing lately. 3? 4? Just 2? It's hard to know!



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