CSA Inspired Recipe: Collard Greens

Participating in a CSA has taught us more about our produce than anything else.  We become keenly aware of what is in season, how hot weather or a rainy week might be impacting growth, and also how to eat things that we would never otherwise pick out!

Enter Collard Greens.  Man.  These suckers sat in my fridge for days daunting me before I finally mustered the courage to give 'em a try.  I quickly par boiled the greens before tossing them in a stir fry of sweet summer onions and left over andouille sausage.  A bit of butter and plenty of flavor from the sausage made this an acceptable meal.  I am just glad we don't get our greens every week!  


  1. I am so proud of you for eating your greens! Mine have to come in a form other than collards. :)

  2. When we lived in Boston, we got a weekly delivery from Boston Organics and never knew exactly what it would contain...I can relate! But it's fun to challenge yourself and try new things :)



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