Life of Behr: 25 Weeks

Well, it is high time we learned that not everything in life goes as planned.  Life isn't perfect.  We skipped a few weekly pictures.  But the good news is we are finally catching up on this little craft inspired by fellow bloggers.  Here are a few weeks and the top highlight.

18 Weeks: Behr began holding his bottle...and grabbing at everything!

19 Weeks: First Plane Ride, a trip to New Orleans with plenty of pictures to cover.

20 Weeks: Visiting lots and lots of family
Began blowing drool bubbles
Rolled over from stomach to back for the first time

21 Weeks: Behr attended his first wedding.  Congratulations Shawn and Lauren!!!

22 Weeks: Stopped pooping and worried Mom and Dad
Began chewing on hands and toes
The drool continues to drip constantly

23 Weeks: First Beach Trip.  Do you see the tan?  You better not!  That must be the lighting.  Mom slathered lots of sun screen and got me UV protective clothing and even a UV tent/bed/playpen.

24 Weeks: First 4th of July and Fireworks 
{which fell during bed time, so they weren't actually seen!}
Began sitting up all by himself!
Grew out of the swing.

25 Weeks: Began clicking his tongue and gurgling

Other highlights:

the talking just keeps getting louder
we started our first solid food, carrots, and seem to love them 
{video coming soon}
practicing giving a high five - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
learned to throw things and laugh...hmmm...
getting very mobile
chews on everything, including mom's chin
loves to swim in the pool


  1. What a little cutie. I need to tell my expecting sister that she needs to start a blog to keep a record of her baby's accomplishments like this. Cute idea.


  2. Aww he's absolutely gorgeous!! What a lucky mommy you are! LOVE your blog by the way, so glad I came across it! <3 xoxo

  3. these are great photos!!



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