First Foods

Behr started eating solid food last week.
We are making our own baby food from our CSA farm share.
Most of the food is organic and we are skipping grains. other words rice cereal and cheerios are on hold for now
Check out Nina Planck for our reasoning.

We puree some food and serve others whole.
Behr loves gnawing on a cool cuke.  
It might have something to do with teething.

We have received grief for some of these decisions, but we are sticking to our guns.
That is, unless Behr shows us otherwise.

Clearly he is enjoying his first taste:

What is on the list for our next foods?  
Why, I am so glad you asked:


  1. go you!! i think rice cereal is so ok to skip... from what i've heard anyway, it's not very good for the babes.

  2. Interesting, thanks for the book recommendation. We do organic, as local as possible and gluten-free for our now 1-year old. I am going to have to check out the book!

  3. avocados and bananas were my sons favorite and firsts! he chants for veggies over pizza. true story. sometimes i wonder if he really is my son ;)

  4. i absolutely love this post! video is fantastic and i love hearing how you and mark are making decisions about Behr's development. so wonderful!



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