Crescent City Sightseeing

Around New Orleans' Warehouse District, Riverfront, and French Quarter

We like to think Behr loved watching the boats.

View of Lafayette Square from dinner at Mike's on the Avenue

A few of the many signs that caught our eye.

Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral

An evening stroll led to a few more pictures...

We thought these sewer covers were so great, we hunted around for them on every walk!

Other highlights included food:


  1. ZOMG bread pudding, BBQ oysters and po' boys. I love all things New Orleans. Specifically the food. Om nom nom. Glad you had an awesome time!!

  2. fun! Looks youhad great weather too Shannon :) I'm sure Behr loved the boats, how could he not?!

  3. How fun!!! :D I wish we had places like that here!

  4. There was so much to see and do! It is an incredible city. Rich culture and heritage outside of the bourbon street attractions.



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