Gear for Baby Wellness

With an overwhelming number of baby products flooding the market (and your email inbox) it has been difficult to decipher the best among the rest.  Here are five personal favorites that have been serving our family well. Bonus, most of these gems serve adults well too!

Cool Mist Humidifier: we love our crane tear drop, but others would certainly work well.  You want to be sure that the mist is "cool" to prevent hot water from accidentally scalding baby.

Eucalyptus Oil: a natural decongestant, just a few drops in the water well of the humidifier keeps the sinuses clear and the bedroom smelling fresh.  This small bottle of eucalyptus oil has single handedly helped Behr and I sleep through the night during heavy cold and allergy season.  We notice a marked difference on nights we forget to run the humidifier.

Baby Aquaphor: this miracle ointment clears up everything!  Baby acne, gone.  Dry itchy skin, healed.  I keep this stuff everywhere and use it all the time.  It is safe enough for a newborn and helps me too!

Boogie Wipes: when I first saw these, I thought it was a bit excessive.  However then I questioned whether I would be willing to use butt wipes on my baby's face.  Although I use good wipes for Behr's bum, These saline boogie wipes are a bit more gentle for getting the inevitable grime off Behr's face.  They have proven to be quite useful.

Gripe Water: I quickly learned that not all baby crying can be easily soothed.  While Behr generally has a calm demeanor, when he gets into a crying fit {forhead vein bulging, face redding, tears rolling} there is very little to pull him out of it.  Mommy's Bliss does just the trick.  The organic fennel and ginger drops calm Behr's stomach and snap him out of crying just long enough that a soothing technique may work. 

Do you have favorite baby gear?  What do you do to keep healthy?  Any home remedy tips for the greater blogging communicty good?? 


  1. My sister and bro-in-law heart Aquaphor and also California Baby products. Even though they're expensive, they're still uh-mazing!

  2. Aquaphor! my nephew used to ask for that when he was little!

  3. i've never heard of that Mommy's Bliss stuff!!! WIshed i would have known about it when my kids were younger! Thats why it's really great to do these kinds of posts! sweet!

  4. gripe water... interesting. i'm going to look into that. i love the baby section at whole foods. i may have already walked down it a few times....



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