Gear for Baby Bath Time

Behr loves his bath time.  We have found that bath time requires very little and our gear fits into a small bin on a shelf in our bath room.  Limiting the bath "stuff" turned out to be one of the greatest space savers for us.  Here are the items that work for our family:

*disclaimer:  this adorable baby is not Behr

1. The puj tub.  This item is without a doubt the best.  Behr loves it.  The tub fits any bowl sink, hangs flat behind our bathroom door, and keeps a squiggly newborn tucked in safely.  It is the perfect way to get infants squeaky clean.  Bonus:  Their head is automatically elevated by the shape of the sink and puj tub, so no worries about bath water getting too close to delicate features in early weeks.  Note: Behr is beginning to outgrow this, but the alternatives are just so massive, I am not ready to give it up!

2. Hooded Bath Towels.  There are hundreds on the market.  The best in my opinion are the most basic, the thin and quick drying cotton hoodies.  The thicker towels are harder to use when drying all of the tiny folds of an infants body.  These basics tuck in nicely and act like a swaddling blanket when bringing Behr from the bathroom to his changing table.  There is no need for anything fancy at this young age.  However, we do have an adorable bathrobe waiting in the queue for when Behr can waddle about. 

Why you need 3 and only 3.  We have 3 in rotation and this is very helpful.  At first I thought I only needed one or two and then one day Behr pooped immediately after bath time.  I was glad to have a spare on hand.  Other than this rare occurrence, these towels are quick drying and hardly used so there is no need to wash after every bath.  In our tiny apartment, 3 is the perfect number.

3. Little Bamboo Washers.  These are incredibly soft and amazing for all sorts.  They are great on baby's face, for bath time, and all other baby washing needs.  We started with 3, but use them so much for the in between bath cleans that we quickly got a few more.  I only wish I could justify replacing all of my wash cloths with these!  They are fantastic.

4. Basic Bath Toys: A few small items for Behr to hold on to are perfect right now.  Most of the time, he is so happy to be in the bath and playing with the water that we skip the toys altogether.  Boon always thinks outside the box when developing new products and these bath time scribbles are no different.  The bright colors and textures mesmerize Behr.  I love the interchangeable heads that pop off for quick drying and the ease of throwing them in the dishwasher if they need an extra clean. 

What are the bath time essentials for your family?


  1. Ah I love that tub. My sister's tub is big and clunky, and it was always such a pain to give Lulu a bath. I'm definitely bookmarking that tub for if/when I have my own beeb.

    And hooded towels are the bomb. Lulu's has an animal head so it makes her look like a tiger haha :)

  2. thanks for this post - i am taking notes!

  3. great post! we almost got the puj :) but we didn't know where we were moving to so i wasn't sure if it would fit in our sink... maybe next time. we use a "baby sponge" in our bathtub which was great. like the puj better though...

  4. Those tub toys look like fun!
    I agree with the hooded towel being a major essential. What type of shampoo/wash do you use?

  5. @Bec - we use J&J baby wash. Bath products are one of the areas I haven't done a lot of research or experimentation. Do you have any suggestions?

    @Bridget - can't wait until your babe arrives. And you are going to be such a pro, you won't need to be taking notes!

  6. basically just bought all of this on amazon! thanks for the recommendations! :-)



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