A Visit from Sara and Sam

Last week, we had a lovely visit from Boston.  Our friends Sara and Sam came to play in DC and enjoy the beautiful weather.  As you can see, Behr and Sam became fast friends.  You never would know they are four months apart.  

Behr was fascinated by everything Sam would do.

Sam is kindly teaching Behr he doesn't need his paci...or he is trying to steal it.  

animated gif maker

I was so excited to learn how to make an animated gif.  Huge thanks to Lauren over at With Two Cats for sharing this with me (and all of her readers).  Now you get a wonderful view of the thin svelte Washington Monument and my lumpy curvy post-pardum body.  Good thing Behr is cute!

doing the tourist thing

We were able to enjoy the park in the evening after much needed naps.  This little gem is only a few blocks from our house.  We cannot wait until Behr is old enough to appreciate it more.  Clearly Sara and I had fun with the burst feature on her camera.

gif animator

After the park, we took one more stroll around the Capitol.  It is so close, how could we not?  Passing these beauties is one of my favorite parts of living in DC and walking to work.  The evening sun casts a warm glow, making it my favorite time of day to go sight seeing.

Supreme Court

Back of the US Capitol
{random DC factoid: the back is photographed more frequently than the front because the back over looks the Mall}

Overlooking the Mall from the steps of the Capitol


  1. I die. So many cute beebs. All in one post. It's too much for my baby-obsessed brain to handle! Gah. Beebz. Adorable.

    Also, Pure Barre is my new jam. I can't believe I lived so long without it.

  2. Awe. I miss you friend! Great post!! We had a blast and sam misses behr! He wants to teach him how to crawl & pull himself to standing. And of course he wants to borrow behr's paci since I took his away.. ;)



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