Saving $100

Always on the hunt for a good deal, giveaway to enter, or free sample to sign up for, I read a lot of "deal" blogs.  My three favorite by far are:

These ladies regularly clue me in to fabulous savings on things I would have purchased at full price.  Whether you buy into the coupon craze or not, I believe everyone appreciates a good deal.  Recently, Money Saving Mom asked her readers for tips to save $100 in a year.  Many of the responses overwhelmed me, didn't seem applicaple to my life, or appeared to be more time consuming than money saving.  For me, lifestyle, family size, and geographical location play a huge role in getting a good deal.  {Christie over at Hoot and Dollar may disagree because she has an innate ability to find a deal!}

My accountant husband would argue there is a difference between "saving" and getting a discount when you "spend."  Unfortunately, I tend to do the latter, get a discount when I spend money that didn't need to ever leave our bank.  But I digress...

The reason I am writting this post is because I want to hear from YOU!  What are the tricks up you sleeve for saving a few bucks?

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