Review and a Story Dinner and a Movie, but better.

Several weeks ago I realized Mark was never going to leave Behr unless I "tricked" him.  So Behr's Uncle and I got chatting, picked a night and "forgot" to tell Mark about our plans.

Mark clearly knew something was up as I casually got dressed freaked out that no clothes fit me yet {it gets better.  it is getting better} and prepped for the evening.

Uncle arrived, picked up Behr and I walked out the door.  Mark followed asking what we were all doing.  Uncle and Behr stayed behind.  By the time we reached the car, Mark was thoroughly confused.

- - fast forward to restaurant - - 

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We dined at Smith Commons on H Street and loved it.  It is rustic charm, meets swanky lounge, and upscale dining with a casual outdoor deck and three floors of goodness.  Fortunately, it turned out to be one of the first beautiful evenings.  We enjoyed a beer on the 2nd floor deck while waiting for our table.  Our food orders were fantastic as we indulged on little neck clams, the mediterranean free range roasted chicken and seared scallops before heading home to our little guy....

 - - fast forward to scene at home - -

We walked in the door with Uncle and Behr nowhere to be found.  Queue the crying.  Uncle is in his undershirt and dripping sweat.  Random channel is on the TV with a warm beer on the coffee table.  Diaper half on Behr on the changing table with Uncle looking defeated.  Clearly the night didn't go well.  In the course of a mere two hours, Behr managed to have 2 explosive diapers, fight his bottle, finally eat and then spit up on Uncle {hence the missing shirt}.  Uncle hasn't volunteered to babysit since this nightmare fateful night.

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  1. literally laughed out loud on this one. love it.
    90% sure I'm moving back to DC next year - we'll need to chat :)



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