This Photo Needs a Caption

Here is a photo I took of Behr on St. Patrick's Day.  He is wearing an adorable green sweater {with a bear} from our friend Fallon.  However none of the shots turned out very festive.  This look, the yawn, was priceless and needed to be shared.  We are currently searching for a stellar caption.

Captions in the running include:

Look Ma, it's a Behr!

You mean when I grow up, I am going to look like this!?!


  1. This is so adorable! I want to hold him! I don't have any ideas for captions for you, sorry. Glad life with Behr is going well:)

  2. I'm tired of being posed...can I go hibernate already?

  3. Overwhelmed by the cuteness. Babies with facial expressions like this are my kind of bubs.

  4. "my buddy, my buddy and meeee"



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