The Life of Behr: 11 Weeks

The pace at which these weeks are flying by will never cease to amaze me.  Behr is going to be heading off by college before I know it!  Okay, okay, that might be a tad bit dramatic...

Over the past few weeks we have begun to fall into a bit of a routine.  Recently, Behr has been...



making dramatic facial expressions
smiling/frowning/looking scared out of his mind

mimicking both verbally and facially
when we coo "ah" or "oo" sounds...he copies us
when we smile, be replies with an in kind gesture

sticking his tongue out
it is an entirely new activity for him.  
he looks in the mirror and literally cracks himself up by sticking his tongue out.

not sleeping
this boy fights nap time/bed time like no other!  


  1. Haha, these are awesome! He looks so happy!

  2. It looks like his hair is getting lighter! I love the onesies, too, where did you get them? I'm just making Ayla numbers for her month-old photos and taping them to her outfits! :-)
    PS- Have you started filling out those college applications yet? I am having the hardest time getting Ayla to write her essay. OBVIOUSLY I'm her biggest role model, but she says she's having a hard time deciding. Sheesh!

  3. He looks JUST like Mike Jr! What a cutie! Can't wait to meet this little guy.

  4. @LadyLee - Thanks Candis!

    @Anna C - I use white onesies and add the numbers with thought about photoshop, but picnik is faster!

    @Paradise's - so true! I need to find some of Mike's baby photos to compare side by side. His hair is starting to turn reddish...might end up looking like Ry Guy!



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