First Family Walk

We are finally putting our newly acquired stroller to good use!  Oh yeah, remember my great stroller debate?  After several iterations, we decided to go with something completely different - the city mini by baby jogger, and we LOVE it!

With the weather getting nicer, we finally got out and about for our first "official" family outing.  *Note: Doctors appointments and grocery store runs do not could as official family outings.  We strolled around capitol hill in search of a stroller friendly spot for brunch, finally settling at Aqual Al 2 in Eastern Market.  

It was fantastic!  We love the atmosphere of the restaurant and the food was melt in your mouth good.  From rich, strong coffee, to fresh squeezed orange juice and creamy breakfast frittatas, we couldn't have asked for anything more!  Plus, we were able to pull Behr's stroller right up along side our table so he could join us.  

We can't wait to go back for dinner!

1 comment:

  1. I am going through the great stroller debate right now; it is so confusing!! I am glad to hear you love the City Mini. Also, I love Aqua al great!



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