Birthday Giveaways!

Well... birthday is next week.  

It is true.

I am getting older by the second.

In honor of my birthday, I will be hosting a week of giveaways.


Chock Full of Goodness

 {i am a total gift person, so I love giveaways} 

Each of the giveaways will feature one of my favorite brands, companies, or product lines, including my own small business!

Here are the stars of this lineup:

Get excited!

It is going to be awesome.

if you have a product that you would like promoted and included in this giveaway, 
please leave a comment or contact me via email: 
shannon {dot} angelos {at} gmail {dot} com  
it is never too late to add more fun to a giveaway


  1. get outta here. can i just win the petunia pickle bottom one right now?

  2. Happy Birthday!! It looks like we have some of the same favs, which doesn't surprise me at all!

  3. It's my birthday month too, and I love give aways!



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