Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Giving

Teach the art of giving, and share the blessing of others with your family and friends this Christmas season.  Here are a a few ideas to make a difference:

1. Adopt an Animal: No, I am not suggesting you to show up at your cousins house with her new pet.  But rather, adopt an animal in your loved one's name either through the Wildlife Fund for $100 or contact your local zoo or aquarium.  Our Story: Mark proposed to me at the New England Aquarium in Boston with the assistance of a very talented seal named Chuck.  We adopted Chuck and love hearing about him each year.  Not only does this bring emotional benefit to us, it also helps support the aquarium and all of its visitors each year.

2. American Red Cross: Through their giving site, you can chose to help those in need based on location, need, crisis, or to support the military families.

3. Help end child trafficking by donating to Love146.  Learn more about Love146, their mission, and Prevention and Aftercare programs here.

4. Through World Vision Gift Catalog, you can purchase a goat, chickens, or even a share in a deep well dig to benefit families and communities across the globe.

5. Plant a Tree with a simple one dollar donation.

Still looking for ideas?  
View past installments of the 2010 Gift Guide for more information.


  1. awesome idea ... i wanted to start supplementing adam's niece & nephews' gifts with something like this, but didn't know if they'd really get it yet (7, 4, and 1 years)....

    my favorite place for this is heifer international ... i like it because it keeps the giving cycle going.

  2. Great ideas, Shannon! I'm going to look into some of these...Thanks for posting! :)



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