Lt. Col. Leo J. Paradise

On May 26th my grandfather passed away suddenly. Here are some of my favorite recent photos.

at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland for a family reunion in 2008

at the Angelos house for Michael's graduation party

in his front yard this past fall
making sure we put the sticks and leaves in the correct bins

at a Gordon vs. Eastern Lax game back when I was still in college
he yelled at a Michigan fan at this game!

at his house - Christmas of 2006

Some random facts in no particular order:
  1. He loved photography and photographed EVERYTHING!
  2. As a jeweler, he guided Mark through the diamond district in Philly to pick out the perfect stone for the perfect ring
  3. He was the biggest Notre Dame fan ever - and wore his green and gold with pride even to a PennState White Out a few years ago!
  4. Always had time for his 13 grandchildren
  5. Never ceased to amaze us with random facts and trivia
  6. Could time a road trip down to the minute, I still think he rigged it! example: when I was little he would say - we'll be home in 27 minutes and be spot on!
  7. Fostered my love for the ocean, history, reading (he gave me a 600 page book on the Russian czars when I was in middle school and I read the whole thing!), and of course photography.
  8. Never underestimated anyone.
  9. Had the best backyard growing up with parties, cookouts, a creek to play in and there was always a hammock for an afternoon nap.
  10. Made it to our swim and diving competitions, basketball games, and track meets to cheer us on the loudest.


  1. thoughts and prayers are with you shannon. thanks for sharing about his life.

  2. so sorry to hear, shannon.

    i'm glad to see your celebration of your grandfather's life here - it is beautiful and hopefully it will help you through this difficult time.

    our thoughts are with you and mark.

  3. So beautiful Shannon. I'm sorry he passed, I'm sure you miss him terribly.



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