Going to Califronia

I have a work trip next week and Mark gets to join me! We are going to make a mini-vacation of it and swing through Memphis on our way home for a wedding and to visit dear friends.

I am packed, no surprise. But now I am working on a playlist, which explains why my blog now has music!

Check out the songs to the right. Do you have any suggestions? Any other songs you would add? I have refrained from being too cheesy and adding "california" songs to this playlist. But I am wavering. Should I include a few? Here are the appropriately themed songs from my iTunes library:

I need suggestions! What are your favorite vaca/road trip songs?

1 comment:

  1. you've got american honey on it - that is a good pick! let's see... sweet disposition by temper trap is good... nothing left to lose by mat kearney sooooo good. and it says california in the lyrics, done!

    check those out!



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