Closet Crusade, Part 1

It is that time of year, Spring Cleaning. And my closet was in desperate need of some help. This was the sad state of my closet...

Note here that I had most of the space in both pictures!

Mark's summer clothes were still in boxes under our bed. It is cruel actually, how little space he has been allotted since we moved here in August. So I set out last weekend to organize the items and rectify the space.

Oh yeah, did I mention we also have our "office" in our closet?

My love of clothes and passion for paper and calligraphy = a lot of stuff in a tiny apartment & a dual functioning storage space when storage is limited. I cannot wait to have an office specifically for my paper and calligraphy some day.

Basically every space was being under utilized and in need of some serious reorganization!

The good news? While perusing the internet last weekend, I came across an amazing sale! The Container Store is having a spring sale. Plus, you can get 4% back off ALL online purchases if you shop through Ebates. Shoe boxes and sweater racks have been purchased for my closet. I cannot wait for them to arrive.

The pieces of "furniture" in our closet have been rearranged. We have two of these puppies, one with a hanging rack, one just shelves, both without wheels:

What space in your apartment/home could use some serious organization?
Are you going to take advantage of the CS Spring Organization Sale?

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  1. i can't wait to see the finished product... :) hope you post it!



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