My Birthday!

It was a week ago.

That might have contributed to the delay in the posting. {just maybe} Anyway, enough about me neglecting you. Here are some of t
he "bests" from my special day.

Best Card:
from Karlene, and it was blank inside!

Best Surprise:
Harshaw, on the far left, sent this card to me on my birthday!
Old School - circa 2003/2004??

Best Person To Celebrate With:

Christie and I were both born on March 23rd!
3:23 is our favorite time of day
we love OUR birthday

Best Gift{s}:
from Mark
A Red Door spa gift certificate.
Being his crafty self, he handmade the gift certificate.

He picked out and ordered a dress from Boden. I was impressed!

for my calligraphy business!

I cannot wait, but must, until I have actual content on the site to share!

Overall, March 23rd was pretty awesome!


  1. i love boden but i hate ordering stuff online. how does the dress look in person? happy belated birthday!

  2. and i'm the worst! i didnt even remember to wish you a happy bday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    i want to see this website of yours!



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