I have neglected you...

...there have been no posts in over a week, and when I did blog, it was all about basketball. How could I be so rude? So inconsiderate to my loyal readers. Wait...are you there? Does anybody still read this stagnant blog? Hello....

Hmm...not sure how many of you are left. But spread the word. The post coming up a great! Here are some topics to cover:

  • new furniture desires
  • spring clothing pics
  • "A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words"
  • and lots more!
Since we have last spoken, the Cherry Blossoms have begun to show their beautiful pink hues.
It has been damp and cold around DC, so the pictures here are from 2008. But I do get to walk or bike under this tree on my way to work every morning!

Oh, and about basketball, Brooke's team finished among the top four. The lost in the semi-finals by 6 points to a team ranked 3rd in the state.

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