Carey School of Business

Mark has begun his MBA! On Sunday, I dropped him off at the Mt. Washington Conference Center for his first week-long residency. While I cannot detail how his week is going, I can assure you he is working hard! (because we have barely had the chance to talk!) When we do get to chat, he has been thrilled with the program which has affirmed his decision to attend the Carey School of Business. He hasn't stopped studying before mid-night, but I ams sure each minute is worth it. Mark is truly in his element! I cannot wait until he gets back so I can hear all about it!

Here is a snowy picture of the beautiful conference center where they have their residencies. The picture doesn't quite do it justice...we will have to wait for spring colors to show Mt. Washington in its full glory.

There was snow on the ground when I dropped him off, and judging by the weather reports, there will likely be new snow when I pick him up next weekend!

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