Christmas Elves

This weekend, Mark and I drove to PA to watch my sister Brooke play basketball against the high school our cousin Meghan goes to. Fortunately she doesn't play basketball! Meghan is the oldest of 4 - her brother Ryan and twin siblings Emma and Liam might be our favorite cousins ever! Whenever we get to hang out with them, it is memorable!

The basketball game was intense, and went into overtime, but Brooke's team didn't win. The loss was soothed by going out to eat at the local Brew Works after the game. Sitting at the table while our baby cousin Emma proclaimed her love for each of us, we couldn't stop laughing! It brought us back to how much we laughed on Christmas Eve, the last time we were all together. Here is a video of the twins all riled up:

This video makes me laugh so hard I cry!

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