Weddings and Babies

This summer was full of weddings! Three in just two weekends!

(NOTE: These weddings will all soon be links! Or you can keep and eye out for them on my calligraphy blog:

Teen and Brendan
Dave and Katie
Ashley and Mike

And then the weddings continued into fall:

Whitney and JD
Mike and Kelsey

We had a blast at all of them! We love weddings and all of the emotions they bring for the couple, their families and each marriage in attendance. Beautiful ceremonies, gorgeous brides, and lots of loving details sprinkled into the mix.

I thought that was a lot of excitement for a short period of time. And then the third week in November happened! Four friends had baby boys this week - FOUR! Congratulations to all the new families, happy moms, and healthy baby boys! I look forward to meeting you all! I am overwhelmed with excitement. Here are the big boys:

Top: Isaiah & Levi
Bottom: Carlton & Caleb

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