It has been too long!

My sister Brooke came to visit. Here is a picture of us in Eastern Market with some hot shades and sad faces. This is how bad I feel about not blogging... :o)

Since I last blogged, we have been to three weddings, went on the annual Schreiber family vacation, moved across town, sent out change of address cards to most of our friends and family members, taken on new responsibilities in our housing situation, I began biking to work, Mark got stung by 12 bees and had an acute delayed reaction, which led to an emergency room visit and a follow up doctors visit to discuss this and other allergic reactions he may have, planned a bridal shower and a baby shower with one incredible baby shower game that I cannot wait to share, planned trips to Florida and Maine for 2 upcoming weddings in 2010 and firmed up our Columbus Day weekend plans where between Mark and I will we be in at least 5 states! We have also decided that we need a new computer, we are hopefully buying one today, been shopping around for a reclaimed wood kitchen table and patio/porch furniture for our new digs. During the move we sold a bunch of our old furniture on craigs list through my friend Christie's business s3v (more about that later) and oh yeah and our external hard drive, that I didn't back up, stopped working.

I have wanted to blog, I really have...I just haven't been able to well, find the time.

But today, TODAY, I am mapping out these wonderful things and planning a week or so of catch up posts to get me back on track. Including posting our LONG overdue London pictures!

I am also weighing the opportunity costs of advertising my calligraphy business more seriously and trying to decide if and when to start that. I welcome advice and encouragement on this front, as always.

Finally, our new home does not have built in I have three boxes of memorabilia and decorations that have significant meaning that I do not know what to do with. I am still living in boxes...what do I do?

So brace yourself, because I am back to blogging, and the past few months of our life are going to be flying at you!



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