John and Stacey come to DC!

This past weekend we had some of our closest friends from Gordon in town, John and Stacey. We hung out on Capitol Hill, ate dinner at the new Matchbox on Barraks row, at breakfast with John's sister Julie, drove to the Eastern Shore where the guys went sporting clay shooting and the ladies outlet shopped, followed by crabs and a drive back to DC capped with a monument tour at night. Phfew...and then we went to Columbia to cheer Julie on in her 6th Tri! (I might join her for one in October...we will see) It was an incredibly pack, but relaxing, amazing weekend...that just kept going! Here is the four of us at the Crab Deck:

Yes, Stacey and I are wearing the same Nike jackets - we got them for $15! Ah-mazing!

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