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The past few weekends the weather has been beautiful. The Cherry Blossoms had a wonderful full bloom. The tulips all over the city were stunning. The work week has been sufficiently rainy, but not to bad when the weekends are sunny. And, the past few days, it has hoovered in the 90s! I love living in the mid-Atlantic!

Mark and I have spent tons of time outdoors.

Two weekends ago, we walked around Eastern Market with some friends who were visiting from Philadelphia, Michael and Lindsay.

I was able to go to a National's Game with my friend Meredith. It absolutely poured on our walk from our house to the metro, so we were soaked. But it was warm and we had a blast, in spite of the weather.Friends of ours had their third child, baby Beatrix! She is precious. I was able to bring the two older girls to the park last Friday, and we had a blast! They both needed some quality attention as the buzz around the house has been largely focused on baby Bea. Here are some pictures I was able to get of the girls:

Aileen playing under the Jungle Gym in the shade.

Eudora on the slide - the only time she went down feet first!

We visited Tommy and Fallon on the Eastern Shore. The guys went to the War on the Shore lacrosse game, while Fallon and I took baby Dillon shopping at the Queenstown Outlets! She is already a pro - slept almost the whole time (3 hours!)

We have been transplanting some of our calla lillies and hostas to our front flower box - the plants were getting rather crowded and the flower box needs some serious work. Fallon also suggested we include some impatients, so hopefully they will be springing up soon.

Last night we played softball next to the Lincoln Memorial. I was horrible! There was a reason I quit softball in elementary school, and I remembered it in about the third inning last night, when I was up to bat! I am going to need some serious practice.

The past month has been great to get outdoors. When I am not outside, I have been working on Calligraphy. Currently I have three weddings, a baby shower, and a birthday party that I am working on. It is great to have a lot to do. For some of these events I have really been able to experiment with new techniques and letter styles. I cannot wait to post new samples on my Calligraphy by Shannon blog.

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