A Letter from Uganda

My friend Amanda is currently living in Uganda. She is a supporting rock, and encourager, and so much more. I cried the last time I spoke with her - she told me to have a great YEAR! In college I could barely go an hour without talking to Amanda...and now we are going to spend at least a year without our conversations. But, we do have the art of letter writting. I plan to write Amanda many many letters. However, I never expected to be on the recipient end.

Here is my first letter, or should I say "Aerogramme," from Amanda:

(I blurred the address details)

I waited three days to read it, to ensure I could do so uninterupted. It still resides in my purse. I really, really miss Amanda.

As you can she...she had a lot to fill me in on, from food to living conditions, cultural traditions she has been part of and new friendships she is building. I am glad that she is having such a wonderful time. I cannot wait for the next update!

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