November News

Can you believe that November is over? Already! I cannot believe it, and actually have been wondering where it went. Since I have not been a very diligent blogger, I will give you a rundown of my November highlights:

1. Mike and Brooke came to visit DC! To read more about there click: here!

2. Miracle of the Marine Corps - Mark and I have the privilege of going to the Navy vs. Temple Football game in Annapolis. Navy came back to win the game after a 7-27 deficit in the 4th quarter. It was an incredible experience! Here are some photos from the game:

3. Phil and Nate - Our friends, who are brothers, are hiking the Appalachian Trail passed through Virginia. We were able to catch up with them and spend some quality time with Warren and Lindsey. Warren and Mark hiked for the day with the guys while Lindsey and I hung out and enjoyed great deals at the Leesburg outlets. The guys brought Phil and Nate back to Warren and Lindsey's house to get a warm night's sleep. Then we returned them to the trail in the morning. Here is a photo of Mark and me with Phil and Nate:

4. Our car reached a major milestone: 100,000 miles! We had a mini celebration!

5. Thanksgiving - Family: more to come on the actual family time later.

6. Thanksgiving - Friends: the long weekend gave us the opportunity to see lots of friends. Friday Night we hung out with Mike and Kelsey and were able to meet up with some Gordon Lacrosse alums - Jon and Ben. I was also able to meet Jon's girlfriend Steph and she is awesome! We played Quizzo at Christopher's in Wayne PA and we kicked butt! On Saturday we drove out to D-town to visit Faith, Kyle, and projectile puking Noah who was quite content to throw up repeatedly. All the while, he didn't skip a beat. Faith says that her life is free birth control, and this visit I would have to agree. But Noah is still the cutest little tike around. Then we got to see Sarah's new apartment in West Chester and it is great! We got Philly Cheesesteaks and reminiced about too many funny memories. Then we met up later with Kristie for our High School Reunion. I am not sure how Mark put up with the three of us all night. Here is a photo of the three of us:

7. The last and BEST part of November: Dillon Ashlyn Simpler arrived at 1:47 am Sunday, November 30th! Perfect timing for Mark and I to see her on our way back to DC. We are so excited for Tommy and Fallon, first time parents. Holding Dillon was incredible - especially as she wasn't even 12 hours old yet! Note: she already looks like Tommy! (there will definitly be more details to come on this one!)

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