Christmas Tree and Decorations!

This past weekend we finally got our Christmas tree! We got a promo or reject tree because they cost less, but were able to find one that still looks nice. Here is a photo of Mark carrying in:

To get in the Christmas spirit and share some holiday love, I will be hosting a Christmas Open House. (I stole this idea from my friend Julie and her friends Greta and Meghan). On Friday I will be posting links to everyone's holiday open houses, including links to some of my favorites from these other girls!

To participate:

1. Take photos of your Christmas decorations.
2. Post about them your decorations and traditions on your blog. Don't forget the pictures!
3. Leave a comment for me on this post with your link back. Tip: To leave a link in a blog post follow this easy HTML formatting:

I had to insert it as a photo or else it would just be the link.
Or if this doesn't seem to work for you, simply leave a comment asking to participate and I will take care of getting the link. If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

I look forward to seeing everyone's Christmas decorations! Don't forget to let me know if you will participate or check back on Friday to see everyone open houses!


  1. Here are my decorations Merry Christmas! Just A Wanderer

  2. I didn't take photos of my own decorations, but I did take some photos of the gorgeous decorations on homes in Boston's Beacon Hill this week.

  3. That’s great..! Its sounds fantastic that you will be hosting a Christmas open house.

  4. Merry Christmas from the Hammes Family :)

  5. A little late on posting this, but here are mine! ABCD Designs Holiday look at the holiday decorations category!



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