A Hundred for a Home: The McNeil Family

Today I would like to share with you the story of a family that could use your prayers and generosity.

The McNeil's met at Taylor University and have been married for 10 years. Unfortunately, within the last nine months they have received the devastating news that both of their children, Waverly (5) and Oliver (2), suffer from a terminal disease called Sanfilippo or MPS III. You can read more about the disease and this family's journey on their blog: Exploring Holland

Their dear friends have started a campaign: A Hundred for a Home to gather 4,000 friends who will donate $100 each in order to help the family with the purchase of a house, necessary home modifications, and out-of-pocket medical expenses. (or really to gather anyone to give anything to support this family)

The goal is to minimize their financial burden, allowing them to enjoy the short time they have with Waverly and Oliver.

As you can imagine, caring for two children who are slowly dying is an unimaginable, devastating experience. In addition, there are straining financial expenses that insurance will not cover like: co-pays, certain procedures, respite care, formula for tube feedings, hearing aides, wheelchairs, and more.

Major home modifications also need to be made for the children. The McNeil’s home must be completely wheelchair accessible which implies the widening of doorways, installation of a wheelchair-accessible shower, and ramp installations, just to name a few.

Please visit A Hundred for a Home to read more about this family and consider donating today.

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