Football 101: Only One Game

Only one game has my attention this weekend, and I believe it is making me sick to my stomach. The Philadelphia Eagles host the NY Football Giants in Philly at the Link for Prime Time Sunday Night Football - cue Faith Hill. Ahhh...the suspense. I believe the Eagles will win (and that my belief will help them get there!)

Here are the stats going into the game:

NY Giants:
7-1 (only loss to the Browns)
Traditionally perform very well on the road
Head Coach Tom Coughlin is 7-4 against Philly
Giants have won 5 of the last 6 against the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles:
5-3 (two within the NFC East)
Have undeniable home field advantage with fierce fans
Head Coach Andy Reid is 9-11 against NY
The Eagles are on the road to redemption after the Giants swept the series last season

What do you thing the outcome of this game will be?

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