Christmas Swap

I am participating in not one, but TWO Preppy Christmas swaps this holiday season. The first on is hosted by Clemson Girl and the second by Grove Gals. I have never done this sort of thing before, and I am pretty excited. I have been behind in blogging so I am not on top of the swaps, but I ready to jump back into action. I cannot wait to share with you what I give and what I receive. Hopefully this will spur some creativity for this holiday season! I cannot believe it is already time for Thanksgiving! What happened to October? Hmmm...maybe we should do some sort of holiday idea/tradition/recipe sharing here...let's brainstorm!


  1. So I'm thinking of like a "what's in her bag" gift theme. All my favorites - Lavender Creme Mains from L'Occitane, Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce Tea, ridiculously cute little egg wisk from BB&B, Amaressia scented candle from "Breaking the Mold" - maybe a person-appropriate favorite book? I think it provides room for a very personal touch to each set of gifts. Could be cute!

  2. the baby is so cute!!

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