Football 101: Safety

Safety may mean a lot of things but in football it is both a way to score and a position. First, as a way to score: it is the only way a team without the football can score, and it results in two points. It is rare, but when a safety occurs, it is typically when the defense sacks the quarterback in his own endzone.

Second, the position: a player that is on defense and plays behind the line of scrimmage (in the backfield). This kind of safety has a bigger impact on the game. Safeties are a key players, and typically pretty high profile. Odds are if you know a few names of football players, some of they are safties. Below are my predictions for the week as well as the names of safeties to keep an eye on this weekend.

Week 9: My Top Games

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Farve hasn’t lived up to his career this year and each week is looking more and more like an old man. I predict the Bills will be able to roll on the Jets this weekend. Safety: New York Jet Kerry Rhodes (#25)

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
This is becoming quite the year for Browns fans. Their team is looking halfway decent. This would be good win for the Browns to put under their belts and the Ravens have improved since last year. I would love to see the Browns win this game, but it is going to be a close one. Safety: Baltimore Raven Ed Reed (#20)

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans
Will the Titans go 8-0 and have the best record in the NFL? That is a lot of pressure for this organization, but the Packers have lack the ability to threaten teams this year. I am pulling for the Titans. (because where on earth did they come from?) Safety: Green Bay Packer Atari Bigby (#20)

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams
The rams are probably the most unpredictable team in the NFL this season. Week after week they stump me. I am guessing they will beat the Cardinals, but my guess on this one isn’t worth much. Safeties: Arizona Cardinal Adrian Wilson (#24) and St. Louis Ram Corey Chavous (#20)

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
The Giants need to win this one; it is a HUGE NFC East rivalry. Heck, being an Eagles fan, I would like to see Dallas lose every game. The Cowboys have a bunch of lose cannons on their team. They can only win if they all get firing together. But the Giants should be able to squeek this one out. Safeties: Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams (#11) will be out of the game this week due to injury but New York Giant James Butler (#37) will be ready to play

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks
Once Coach Holgren announced this would be his last year, his season fell apart. Then again, the Seahawks were never poised to be great. Please Philadelphia, do not disappoint me! The Eagles should win this game with confidence. Safeties: Philadelphia Eagle Brian Dawkins (#20) and Seattle Seahawk

Sunday Night
New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts
Both of these teams have been considered powerhouse for the past several season but 2008 leaves them fighting to stay in the game. For the Colts this is a must win game if they hope for a chance at the playoffs. The Patriots want to win to prove that they can succeed, even without Tom Brady. Since the Colts have more on the line, I am guessing they will pull this out. Safeties: New England Patriot Rodney Harrison (#37) will be out for the remainder of the season but Indianapolis Colt Bob Sanders (#21) will be back in action this game

Monday Night:
Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins
This is probably the city where the Steelers will have the most fans at an away game, but they are battered and bruised. They have faced every defensive powerhouse in the NFL this season and have the injury report to prove it. Safeties: Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu (#43) and Washington Redskin LaRon Landry (#30)


  1. Go Titans and Colts (or should I say Peyton Manning)!

  2. Last night's game was SO good! But I am a Steelers fan so I'm biased ;)



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