CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

This past summer, my friend Carrie decided to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). After reading about her positive experience, I decided to visit the website of the farm in which she buys a share. Much to my surprise and excitement, Orchard Country Farm offers three 8 week sessions (spring, summer, and fall) and I still had time to join!

When we first moved to DC, I didn't think about joining a CSA because we live a short walk from Eastern Market, and there was a Friday farmers market near my work. But with busy summer weekends and a new job no longer near a farmers market, getting fresh produce was more difficult.

Typically CSAs run March-October, having three sessions allowed me to participate even though I was very late in deciding to do this! I paid a one time upfront fee and each Tuesday I get to pick up a cooler (this way we don't waste bags) of fruits and veggies from a farmers market at the Department of Transportation. The cost is just over $20 a week. It fits into a budget, and because we get so many fruits and veggies that we have to use before the next week's share arrives, we now buy less junk at the grocery store. We are also eating less meat (something I have been working on for a few months). I think our grocery expenses may have actually gone down, but I need to wait to see if this is a consistent pattern.

Aside from the general good it is doing for Mark and me, it is also great to know exactly where my money is going and support a small business. (Can you see the conservative principles coming through?) I have come to enjoy my Tuesday errand where I get to see what's in season, start planning out our meals, and enjoy conversation with Gregg the owner of Orchard Country. I cannot wait to sign up for the full season next year!

Here are some pictures I have taken over the past few weeks of my share:

A resource for you: Check out Local Harvest to find a CSA!


  1. Wow, that looks amazing! I am going to have to think about doing that. It would certainly inspire me to try out new recipes!

    Have a great day!

  2. This is fascinating! I've been so mad at Kroger's produce here lately.

  3. Hello! Thank you for your sweet comments! I discovered your other blog and love it too!! I wish I had it before I got married ;)

    As for football, can you recommend any good websites to get current updates on the teams? Also, anythign about penalties would be good. I guess I understand the basic rules, but there seem to be so many things that the players can NOT do and I have no idea what those are ;)

    Have a great day!

  4. Very cool! I've been thinking of joining one myself or something similar (they have a service in the Boston area that delivers you whatever organic, fresh fruits and veggies the farm has that week).

  5. Such a great idea! I meant to join a farmshare here in Philly- next summer for sure! Love that blue bowl too!



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