2nd Anniversary - Part 4

In case you missed Part 3, visit my calligraphy blog here: Calligraphy by Shannon. To read the whole story, go here: 2nd Anniversary)

This was our view most of the day - Fog.

Well, here is our 4th and final segment of our 2nd Anniversary! Our last day was a bit of an unknown. We woke up in the Shenandoah Valley surrounded by a thick thick fog. We pursued our plans to travel Skyline Drive despite the poor visibility, hoping the fog would lift by the time we got there!

Us as the first not so foggy overlook!

As we approached the National Park, we stopped at a visitor's center to pick up information and learned that it was National Land Day so Skyline Drive was FREE! (instead of the standard $15 park entrance fee). This sealed the deal. We were going to move forward with caution into the fog that blanketed the mountain region.

Super fun winding road! It felt like a car commercial!

It was a blast. For the first hour I think we stopped at EVERY SINGLE overlook to see what we could through the fog. As the weather lifted, we didn't need to stop as frequently as we realized that an incredible view was around each bend (and after a while they all started to look the same). This didn't stop us from taking over 100 pictures during the 100+ mile drive. Due to the frequent stops, switchback turns, and fog, the trek took about 3 hours, but it was well worth it. It was a relaxing drive. Mark and I were able to share quality uninterrupted (limited cell service) time. It was a flashback to our college road trips when driving wasn't about getting to our destination, but enjoying the ride and time together. It was wonderful!

This is about the extent of the view due to the weather!

Some of the highlights and funny moments include see the first signs of fall foliage, crisscrossing the Appalachian Trail and were reminded to pray for our friends that are hiking it, we passed a flock of wild turkeys, overlook Old Rag, a hike we did in the Spring, and stop at a ranger station in fog so dense we couldn't see the parking spot we parked in! All in all we made some great memories. Maybe some day we will drive it again. If you are passing through the area and have time on your hands, I encourage you to take the drive!

The last overlook!

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