Deep Creek Coffee Shop

Those who know me well, know that I could not go on vacation without finding a great little coffee shop. This post is now long overdue as it is almost a month since I visited this great little place, but I want to share with you all anyway. Trader's Coffee House was located just across the way from where we went kayaking and their frappuccino hit the spot after two hours of paddling. Meghan, Ryan, Brooke and I hung out here and enjoyed some quiet down time. It was especially to see Meghan and Brooke interacting outside the family chaos. They are both growing up so quickly, I cannot even believe it. But back to the coffee shop...

This place was amazing. I bought 3 bags of coffee (one of which we consumed that day - yes my family sucked down an entire bag of brewed coffee beans in one day - and we are not the type to need any additional stimulation). Yum. So delicious. Next time you are in Deep Creek check out Trader's Coffee House.

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