Wisdoms Visit DC!

Last weekend, Mark and I had Kyle, Courtney, Elisha, and Lydia down for a visit! It was a blast. From museums, to the zoo, parks, side walk chalk...and more, it was a kid friendly fun packed long weekend. We could not have imagined having more fun. The family were troopers, putting up with our tiny and noisy apartment and trekking all over the city with a stroller. We made it work and it was great. Here are some highlights:

1. Lydia flying the Wright Brother's plane at Air and Space. (Courtney had a picture!)

2. Elisha's favorite part of the zoo: The Mister! (It was a hot day, and the water spraying was a definite plus!) Fortunately, this wasn't the only think Shay liked about the zoo. He also had a favorite animal, the turtle.

Shay pointing to the turtle.

The guys lifting the kids so that they could see the gorillas.

3. Back patio grilling. Since the kids go to bed pretty early, we had 4 relaxing evening in a row of grilling on the back patio. It was great to sit outside and relax (even with the heat and the bugs).

4. The kids excitement with each new mode of transportation: Plane, Bus, Train, Metro, Taxi. While in the taxi, Mark struck up a conversation with the driver, who launched into a 5 minute monologue about fare hikes. Elisha chimed in, "This man has a lot to say!" It has hilarious.

5. Sidewalk Chalk - We have this ally way that leads to our door that contained the kids and provided a perfect canvas for sidewalk chalk. They were so excited!

6. On our trip to the park, we discovered that Lydia loved the "tube." Check it out:

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